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Ashley Collins (Principal Consultant)


A (Psychology), Dip Pol and Cert IV Workplace Training and Assessment


A shley has 13 years of experience in a law enforcement environment, 10 years with the NSW Police Force in an investigative capacity with additional experience in intelligence, high risk negotiation and operational planning.


Ashley has a further three years of experience in consumer protection and has lead teams of investigators on state wide compliance operations across Queensland with particular focus on the real estate sector, fraud and marketing.


Ashley's experience was utilised in the establishment of operational tools and mentoring of junior team members to undertake fraud investigations, often protracted and resource intensive, involving multiple law enforcement agencies utilising civil and criminal remedies. Ashley has implemented a range of operational programs across a range of industries and the business sector to ensure legislative compliance.


Ashley has a strong interest in training and development and this has been applied to both public and private sector organisations having extensive workplace training experience. As the owner and operator of an award winning eco tourism resort in North Queensland for a seven year period Ashley has trained a large number of employees in customer service and hospitality management. Ashley is currently undertaking additional studies in Law. Ashley is pleased to be part of the dynamic Diverse Training Concepts team.



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