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Diverse Training Concepts (DTC) also provides its students the flexibility of undertaking studies via Distance Education. All of our programs can be done via this learning method.



What is Distance Education?

Distance learning occurs when there is a separation between the instructor and the student, usually due to geographical or time concerns that prevent the student from attending an on-site course. Often, electronic means are used to bridge this gap and distribute educational material using printed and mailed programs. Our programs have been specially designed to help best meet the needs and requirements that arise when learning is taking place outside of a traditional classroom setting.

The majority of our distance education takes place using the Internet, now readily accessible for the vast majority of our students whether in their own homes or at facilities such as local libraries.

Diverse Training Concepts utilises Distance Education to help reach students who are in geographically remote areas and may not have readily available access to educational facilities or who want to explore opportunities not offered by their local education providers.

If you would like to undertake studies using this learning method please use the enquiry form on the right or contact us directly.


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Distance Learning