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Blended and Interactive Learning


Diverse Training Concepts (DTC) runs various programs during the year utilising a blended and interactive style of learning where the participants are supported and mentored through the program. DTC’s facilitators are friendly, informative and engaging, which makes the learning experience more enjoyable. If you would like to attend a program please select from the below packages. Each program can be modified and contextualised to meet the experience, needs and prior learning of it applicants.

Here at DTC we take great pride in being able to develop and deliver specialised programs and not off the shelf style training, we always create a unique program with a flexible, fresh and blended delivery approach which combines several delivery, assessment, and support approaches including:


  • Initial live face to face tuition thorough delivery of underpinning knowledge is undertaken as well as several short delivery, design, and assessment tasks.
  • Ongoing support and review days in the field where the learners, when they return to their respective work locations can apply techniques learnt and provide comment. The learner can contact DTC staff as many times as they like to support their individual learning needs.
  • Ongoing email and phone help desk support where the learner communicates directly with trainers/assessors for flexible tuition, guidance, and feedback.
  • Additional one to one face to face assistance can be booked for individual learners where Everyone's circumstances and needs may be different so the points above can be tailored to best suit these individual needs and ensure that each learner has the best support possible.

Depending on individual background, experience, and access to resources the total hours needed to achieve each program may vary, but all learners need to meet the benchmarks specific to each package. All learner activities and assessment tasks have been mapped against the units of competence and meet the performance criteria, critical aspects of evidence, and context of assessment to achieve competency.