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Paul Barclay (Senior Consultant)


Adv Dip Pol Man, Cert IV Gov Inv, Cert IV TAA04


P aul is a Detective Sergeant with the New South Wales Police Force and has secondary employment approval allowing him to contribute his 21 years plus of knowledge and experience to Diverse Training Concepts. Paul has over a decade of experience as a Detective Sergeant responsible for providing the advice, guidance, training and leadership necessary to implement investigative plans targeting the most serious crimes affecting our communities.


Paul's experiences encapsulates leadership of Strike Forces and investigative teams in the successful apprehension and conviction of offenders for an array of offences including murders, large commercial drug importations and cross border drug supply networks right through to and including serial armed robbery offences and Coronial inquests and inquiries. Paul has an extensive history in and remains heavily involved in, the practical application of innovative and surreptitious covert policing strategies.


Paul's continual involvement in covert policing coupled with his specialised knowledge based on his training, study and experience relative to the investigation of drug supply activities allows him the prestige of preparing statements and giving evidence as an Expert Witness relative to drug related terminology and methods of operation from 'street level' to the 'large commercial drug enterprises'.


Paul has received accolades for his investigative excellence and acumen from a variety of officials including the Commissioner, Assistant Commissioners, Superintendents, the Police Minister, the Prosecuting Authorities and Senior Defense Counsel. More importantly to Paul, he has consistently received letters of appreciation from the victims and families of the victim's subject of the offences investigated.


Paul is in the unique position of being able to provide his contemporaneous knowledge of investigative procedures, brief preparation practices and Court protocols for witnesses to students at Diverse Training Concepts with a communication style that caters for the skill set of any audience.


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