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CBC - BA Pol Inv - Adv Dip Inv - Dip OH&S - Dip Sec & Risk - Cert IV Tr & Ass Dip of Mngt – Dip of Bus – Dip of Jus Ad. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (Founder)


P hil has over 18 years experience with the New South Wales Police Force and some 22 years of policing practice incorporating all facets of policing. Phil was a Special Member of the Australian Federal Police and Special Constable for the State of Victoria.


Phil has an extensive knowledge base, and has worked in areas such as, general duties, beat policing, education and training, major task forces, covert and undercover operations, investigation teams, crime scene preservation, water police, snow police rescue, specialist youth officer, target action group and state protection support unit to which he has recently retired as the senior field supervisor and tactical team leader.


Phil has an extensive history in education and training both practically in the police force as a field training officer and academically at the police academy where he was involved in the research, design, development, delivery and evaluation of numerous vocational and professional development training programs in the investigation, law enforcement and security disciplines. One of Phil's key strengths is his communication style and that ability to build others confidence to perform at their optimum level.


Phil was the founder of Diverse Training Concepts and brings to it a wide ranging subject matter expertise. Phil has strong community ties and is a member of the ACT & Regional Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Australian Security Industry Association Limited, Australian Bravery Association and has received the "Queens Commendation for Brave Conduct", Rotary ACT, and Associate Member of the NSW Police Association.


Phil now brings this wealth of knowledge and experience to the public, private and government sector via this Registered Training Organisation.


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