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Conditions of Enrolment

Refund policy

If DTC is unable to deliver the program, where possible you will be given the option of transferring remaining course fees to another program. If this cannot be provided or you choose against this option, a full refund will be given for the part of the program the institution is unable to deliver

Cancellation, deferral, withdrawal and refund applications should be made on a Cancellation, Deferral, Withdrawal and Refund Application Form which is available by emailing us at reception@rtodtc.com.au

If you withdraw from your program (either before or during the program), refunds will be available as follows (‘withdrawal’ means the day the RTO receives notification in writing that you would like to withdraw):

  • Withdrawal more than 60 days before the course is due to begin: full refund of course fees paid
  • Withdrawal between 60 and 14 days (inclusive): 50% of course fees for the program
  • Withdrawal less than 14 days before the course begins: no refund of course fees


Exceptions may occur where compassionate circumstances apply - see below.

  • Compassionate circumstances: in circumstances such as serious illness or serious family hardship, you will be offered a place on a future program and course fees transferred as appropriate. If this is not possible, a full refund of course fees for the part of the program not taken may be offered at the CEO’s discretion.
  • Course fees are not transferable to another person
  • The application fee is non-refundable: it helps towards the cost of processing your application
  • The materials fee is refundable only if you are entitled to a refund of course fees and if all materials are returned in original (re-saleable) condition
  • Decisions about refunds, and refund payments, will be completed within ten working days, with a written explanation provided to the student
  • Any appeals related to refunds and fees will be dealt with in accordance with the complaints and appeals policy, which includes contact details of external bodies to which appeals can be made



  • All information I provide, including the information in the enrolment form, is to the best of my knowledge true and complete
  • I will abide by the policies and procedures of the RTO, and will pay all fees owed (no qualifications or statements of attainment will be issued where fees are still outstanding)
  • I have read and understood the Refund Policy
  • DTC reserves the right to accept or reject applications at its discretion
  • DTC will endeavour to provide all courses advertised; however, it may cancel or change courses at its sole discretion (see refund policy about what happens to course fees)
  • This agreement does not remove a student’s right to take further action under Australia’s consumer protection laws. The registered provider’s dispute resolution processes do not circumscribe the student’s right to pursue other legal remedies
  • I agree that personal information on this form and otherwise collected by DTC may be used for internal administration, training and assessment related purposes by employees and contractors of the RTO, and may be supplied to State, Territory and Commonwealth government departments and agencies when requested and/or as required by the regulations under which the RTO operates
  • I authorise DTC to send potentially confidential information to the email address I have included on this form, or to any other email address which I supply to DTC. Security of such email addresses is my responsibility.
  • In the case of RPL assessment and workplace-based delivery and assessment, I authorise personnel from DTC to view and discuss evidence from my workplace that may contribute towards assessment, and to discuss such evidence with my employers. All such discussions will be strictly confidential
  • I agree that, after gaining qualifications, DTC may verify information about my enrolment and assessment results when another organisation, such as a future employer, contacts DTC to obtain this verification
  • If applying for Recognition of Prior Learning, I declare the attached evidence produced towards this application is a true representation of my work/experience and is valid and authentic
  • I understand this document in its entirety.

To proceed with enrolment and confirm that you agree with the refund policy and the declaration, please tick the box and click the button below.


I confirm and agree: