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Recognised Prior Learning


Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) is approached very differently by Diverse Training Concepts, (DTC) which is why we've called it our Simple Skills Recognition Option.


Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) is a way of recognising the academic value of the skills and information you have acquired through training, paid employment, voluntary positions and general life experience. You may have heard of this process referred to as recognition of prior learning, recognised prior learning, skills recognition and RPL.


Applying to obtain nationally recognised qualifications has never been easier.

DTC is committed to keeping the recognised prior learning (RPL) process simple.



  • identify your skills during an initial free consultation
  • recommend a qualification
  • collate the evidence that proves your skills
  • map your skills across to meet the requirements of the qualification
  • Identify training gaps and provide flexible training options. In many cases, our experienced clients have required no further training

Prepare your RPL application so that you can receive a nationally recognised qualification.


Recognised Prior Learning


RPL is “Recognition of Prior Learning”. In other words, it is credit for the skills and knowledge you already have. In general, you might have gained these skills and knowledge through work experience or life experience. By applying for RPL, you might be able to gain the qualification, or part of the qualification. Although you will have to spend some time gathering the evidence, RPL is much faster than completing the course in the normal way—and avoids the frustration of studying again things which you already know well.


What exactly is evidence for RPL?


Evidence is anything that helps the assessor to build up a picture of your competence. It can be documents you have created, reports by other people about you, records of work you have done, or anything else that could lend weight to your claim to have the skills and knowledge required for the qualification.


What is Credit Transfer, and how do I apply for it?


Credit transfer is similar to RPL, but uses previous study & qualifications already achieved (formal learning) instead of learning through life or work experience (informal learning).


What is National Recognition?


Under national recognition, all Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in Australia must recognise the qualifications and statements of attainment of other RTOs. If you have already done one or more of the units of competence that are in your DTC course, we just need to see your transcript and qualification or statement of attainment. We will keep a copy, and may contact people at the other RTO as part of the normal validation process that we have to undertake. We may also check that your skills and knowledge are still current via a one on one discussion type meeting.


At DTC, we always look at the true value of your experience, skills and knowledge to translate this into credit for an RPL application. We do the academic paperwork for you and work with you to guide you in collecting the evidence that supports your application.


Want to know what your skills & knowledge is worth today? Contact us for a free No obligation consult. Give us a call on 02 6282 3287 and we can give you a good picture of your true academic Value.


Our staff will be pleased to discuss options with you. Please contact us for more information.

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Recognition of Prior Learning